Creating Solutions Based on Your Unique Situation!

Perhaps your tree no longer appears healthy, seems to be deteriorating, and you don't know why. You need an ISA-Certified Arborist to discern the root of your problem. Does it need more effective fertilization? Are its branches too full or lengthy, blocking nourishing light to other core branches? Is it ailing from pest infestation or fungal growth? Do you need wound evaluation for any part of the tree where its bark may be broken, so that either its inner bark or wood is exposed to the air, requiring prompt care? Do particular overgrown branches on the tree threaten a potential liability? Rest assured that Newbury Park Tree Service, Inc. maintains two full-time Certified Arborists on staff 24/7 to visit your site and consult on the cause of your trees' inability to thrive, with recommendations as to how to resolve it, and rejuvenate your trees back to their former flourishing state.

Or if you have already suffered from a tree calamity, then our consulting services also provide forensic investigations and accident reconstruction for insurance purposes. If you are planning the development of a new property or need advice on horticultural street management or office complexes, we also provide proactive tree and landscape appraisal and valuation and recommendations on which type of trees, and where, to plant for your specific climate, irrigation capabilities, soil compactness, quality and topography. If you have any doubt, then give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you with your tree planning and care.