Disease & Insect Diagnosis

disease ans insect diagnosis

Preventative Care Reduces Costs!

Declining tree health eventually leads to greater defoliation and eventual tree demise. All of our preventative care is based on insect or disease life cycles for optimally effective timing, rather than a seasonal cover spray (spray everything) approach. Our approach restricts spraying, preserving beneficial insects (that naturally suppress pest populations), by targeting treatments at the time when control of a particular pest or disease can be most effective. Our treatments are customized to your particular tree(s), determining which therapy would prove most beneficial and least stressful: whether biological, injection, chemical, or if site modifications or even possibly removal to protect neighboring trees is necessary. We offer an array of treatments from systemic soil insecticides, targeted spraying (beetles, borers, caterpillars, moths, Oakworms & inchworms, mites, and weevils, etc.), to trunk injections, to site amelioration. If you think you might have an insect or disease problem, then give us a call.

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April 12, 2012

Residents Eliminate Parasitic Mistletoe!


BRANCH OFFICE - Residents of the Cornell community in rural Agoura went to work recently and
had parasitic mistletoe removed from 13 native sycamore trees near Peter Strauss Ranch in the
Santa Monica Mountains. In the top photo, clumps of the invasive plant are visible in the trees. The infestation had weakened limbs and robbed the trees of valuable nutrients. Linda Armijo organized the $1,600 job, which was paid for by residents and performed by Newbury Park Tree Service.

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