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Hi Dean (Mr. Lappinga),

Thanks for speaking with me earlier this week.  

I am so impressed by your company!

I am glad to finally be able to get this acknowledgement to those most responsible for the work of trimming and removal as pertains to the row of eucalyptus trees on Patrician Mobile Home Park property this past summer, namely, your company (it took me awhile to track down the name of your company and obtain contact information - I have been persistent!) and, in particular, per your communication, the team headed by Foreman Yari Vodraska. 

The trees quickly became very special to me, and I was relieved when it became clear that they had been in good and capable hands.

The attached "word of thanks" letter was directed to Mr. John Broome, Jr., Park owner, Mr. Donald Rodrigues (who was the consulting arborist, per my understanding) and to "the tree trimmers" (as the original letters reflect, I was not privy to the name of your company initially...).

A word of thanks

Following are some highlights from the attached letters as well as a link to the photographic essay which is part of my acknowledgment. 

Some letter highlights:

"I referred to the outcome of the initial trimming and removal as: sculpted grace." 
"I was relieved when I returned home late Thursday evening of July 14, the last day of trimming, to see that the integrity of the trees had been honored, and that the remaining trees had been trimmed - sculpted, really - obviously with an eye to new growth and, of course, to the continued health and vitality of the trees. 

That the work was completed by professionals who cared about and knew what they were doing was obvious. 
The trees had been in good and capable hands."
I reference the "...obvious care that was taken in the process of trimming and removal...," and refer to the "...obvious skill and professionalism of the trimmers...".

I will add that I sadly anticipated, then grieved, "the second cut" (of the one, most majestic and personally iconic, tree) but "...still, I could see that care was taken by the trimmers...".  (I think that they did a great job the first time around, as the letter and essay reflect...).

In sum, the work that was completed was clearly capably considered, and executed with obvious care and skill. 

The Essay consists of photos of before, during and after trimming and removal as well as some narrative (for the online version, scrolling down may be necessary in order to view the complete narrative). 
I hope that you enjoy it! 

Link to photographic essay: http://bit.ly/TreestheEucExc2011

For information regarding the referenced "Remember Me" copyrighted photo, please go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/karenparkeranderson

Both online and paper versions of the Essay are available; please let me know if you would like a paper version, and I can forward this to your office. 

I will add that, if you wish to use my comments in any of your advertising, please feel free; I would recommend your company to anyone!

Finally, I respectfully defer to you as company owner, but please do convey my thanks and, as appropriate, this acknowledgement, to all involved in this particular job.  It was important to me to say that I think that they did a great job - exceptional work! - and to say thanks.

Very best wishes and with sincere and respectful thanks again, 

Karen Parker Anderson  
Patrician Mobile Home Park resident