Ventura & surrounding counties complete solution to tree care

Tree Trimming

Our expert trimming and pruning services don’t just make trees look presentable. They also prevent costly health problems down the road, as well as the risks to property and public safety posed by falling branches.

Tree Removal

Does your property have a dead, dying or inconveniently located tree? Trust our skilled pros to remove it quickly and with minimal impact to your surrounding property. No tree is too large for our removal services!

Stump Removal

Complete stump removal is nearly impossible without the right experience and technology. Our stump grinding machine will leave no evidence behind that a tree was ever there, as well as prevent further growth.

Root Pruning

Don’t allow intrusive roots to damage your pavement, sidewalks, sewage line and foundation. Our root pruning services protect your valuable property without risking the viability of healthy trees.

Hazardous Evaluation Reports

Do you suspect that a tree on your property presents a safety hazard? Avoid expensive liability by engaging one of our certified arborists for a comprehensive hazardous evaluation report today!


Are you uncertain why one of your trees appears unhealthy? Or has a tree fallen recently impacted your property, and you now need to determine the cause? Our certified arborists are available to provide expert on-site consultation 24/7.

Disease & Insect Diagnosis

Several species of insects and pathogens can quickly turn a healthy tree into a dying one. We provide a host of interventions that will preserve your trees without harming your property or the environment.


Trees that receive proper nourishment are naturally protected against insects, disease, strong winds and droughts. Our certified arborists are standing by to study your trees and advise the best course of fertilization for their unique metabolic needs.

Emergency Services

Do you have a tree-related emergency? Newbury Park Tree Service’s specialized vehicles, state-of-the-art equipment and trained experts are available 24/7 to minimize damage and eliminate further liability.

Cabling & Bracing

Unhealthy trees are oftentimes savable with a little extra support. Our cabling and bracing services will give your trees the structure they need to withstand Southern California’s worst elements.
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